Ginimbi Ex Wife Zodwa Mkandla Warns His Family

Ginimbi ‘s Ex Wife, Zodwa Mkandla, has warned his family against stripping his house of furniture and fittings, a typical occurrence after the death of a prominent person.

Zodwa, who played a key part in Ginimbi’ s early life, revealed that she met him when he had one car and at first she did not want to go out with him.


She said Ginimbi was well known as someone who loved many different women, making each one believe that she was the only one in his life.

Zodwa revealed that after a few years of resisting his advances, she eventually started dating him, afterr he asked her to attend the funeral of a close relative at Domboshava.

Ginimbi’s Domboshava Mansion Was The Pride Of His Life

Zodwa explained that Ginimbi was a hard worker, and he had built everything he had from the ground, through, wheeling and dealing, without any education.

She said many people did not believe he would complete building the mansion, but he did and he also built the tarred road that leads to the house.

She said the Domboshava Mansion was the pride of his life and warned the family that it would be a shame if after a few years, the house stood empty and neglected.

Instead, Zodwa encouraged to follow Ginimbi’s desire to turn the house into either a hotel or a museum. Something that would inspire young people and generate income for the family.

Zodwa and Ginimbi, who split after a few years of marriage , did not have any children together.

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