Gringo, who passed away this week, was buried in his rural home area in Rukweza Village.

Many Industry players joined the family in mourning, including the former Gringo, Studio 263 and other dramas casts.

On how Gringo joined the apostolic sect and cut his dreadlocks, one of his childhood friends and former Gringo actor Chati Kutawo (Godobori), narrated what he knew about Boora.

Godobori said he lived with Boora since the early 1980s, when they lived in Mabvuku.

Kutawo said Gringo and himself received mentorship from Mr Sibenge, (who also acted on Studio 263 as Mr Shereni).

In the 90s, there was a move to form community drama groups on Mabvuku, which were based in community halls owned by council.

They started at Yamamaguchi club, where there was a mixture of drama and karate. They left Yamaguchi for Tamuka Theater productions, which was a group focused on just the arts.

Kutawo said Gringo used to work on profitable projects and out of the 200 jobs he worked with him, they only failed to get paid for just one job.

Apostolic Sect

Kutawo said Boora went back to live in his rural home after his days of acting on Gringo.

He lived at his rural home in a 2 roomed house for 2 years, together with Kutawo.

Kurawo said there was a tree in the middle of his rural home where Owls used to come and howl all night.

This used to annoy Boora, who then decided to consult an apostolic sect leader called Madzibaba Peter.

This is how Boora first became a member of the Apostolic sect!

Please watch the video above this post for more details of the funeral.