Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that the late multi millionaire businessman, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, left a will that has shocking instructions on how to distribute his wealth.

Ginimbi’s car collection is worth over $10 Million

Our sources say his will, which has multiple copies, will reveal his true wishes, among them, his desire that nothing should be moved from his Domboshava Mansion.

Ginimbi reportedly ordered that none of his cars should be disposed of and should be kept at his mansion.

Ginimbi also left instructions to be buried in his house! The house is estimated to be worth over $1 Million,  and is ardoned with experience imported fittings and off the grid features worth millions.

Our sources have revealed that Ginimbi was extremely liquid and had no debt and his net worth was well over $100 Million .

Ginimbi ‘s Domboshava Mansion

Ginimbi ‘s car collection is worth over $10 Million, with online lists showing he has the following high end cars.

Ginimbi’s car collection

Ginimbi also had 26 commercial trucks which his company used to ferry gas around Africa.

He also reportedly has another mansion in Johannesburg, among other properties. His Johannesburg offices are still open in Sandton.

Ginimbi has asked that his clothes be kept for his son

Ginimbi also reportedly revealed, in the will, the role that his best friend, DJ Remo, will play in his affairs going forward.

DJ Remo seen here with Ginimbi and Tazvi Mhaka. Rimo lived with Ginimbi in his Domboshava mansion

DJ Remo lived with Ginimbi in the Domboshava Mansion and there have been massive speculation about the nature of their relationship.

The late Ginimbi also reportedly disclosed the role his secret son will play in carrying forward his legacy.

He reportedly left instructions that his massive designer clothes collection be kept for his son.

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