Pastor Evan delivered a powerful sermon on Sunday titled – What Drives You

Key Points

  1. God is not interested in your traditions and rituals if you don’t reflect his values of justice to society
  2. While we still gather in the company of those we worship with, what is driving us?
  3. God hates and despises religious festivals.
  4. God is saying there is something that he is not impressed with in the way we relate with him.
  5. In 2016, Pastor Evan days he began a journey that helped millions of Zimbabweans stand up against corruption.
  6. Pastor Evan says he made a lot of mistakes but he had to stand up and obey God.
  7. He was arrested, tortured and his family was threatened with horrible abuse.
  8. In prison he met many people who were serving life sentences who needed to be comforted.
  9. The church should not go into self preservation mode.
  10. We should look for God’s wisdom and reconcile with the community.
  11. Media, fear, wealth, careers, politics, economics drives us, but is there room for God to drive us?
  12. God is not insecure and does not want to be reminded everyday that we love him.
  13. He wants to be represented in society by us.
  14. Let God Drive you.
  15. Let God Drive you to forgive.
  16. Let God drive you to ask for forgiveness to those you have wronged.
  17. God has given us a mission, we are his hands and his feet to heal a hurting nation.
  18. Do what is not considered normal.
  19. Sometimes all what it takes is for us to focus on how we can help heal a hurting nation.

Please watch the video above this post for the full sermon.