Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed that the late Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure who died in Harare on Sunday morning, is survived by a son.

This revelation follows widespread, viral social media and superstitious beliefs that Ginimbi had no son. Many false theories have been advanced as to why Ginimbi was not married.

Our sources revealed that Ginimbi’s son lives in Harare and attends one of the best private schools, which is known to Gambakwe Media.

The name of the mother is known to Gambakwe Media and Ginimbi was paying for all expenses associated with the child.

This information was kept a closely guarded secret by Ginimbi and those in his inner circle.

Gambakwe Media has seen a picture from 2014, that is circulating on social media of Ginimbi with a young boy captioned, My son.

However, we can not verify if this is the son in question as we were not provided with any pictures by our sources of his real son.

This picture has been circulating on social media, however, our sources have not verified if this is Ginimbi ‘s son

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