Gambakwe Media gives a theory of why Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce caught fire when it crashed IN Harare on Sunday Morning.
FACTS about Rolls-Royce
Rolls Royce cars are made for the super rich and only about 5000 are sold per year. The Price of a Rolls Royce averages around $450 000 but customizations can push the price up to $1 Million.
Ginimbi’s car collection
Ginimbi had a massive car collection, with at least 3 Rolls Royce Wraith, worth a total $1 Million and other Rolls Royce cars such as the Rolls Royce Ghost. Ginimbi also had a Bentley collection and a Range Rover Collection. It is estimated that the value of her car collection was $10 Million.
Unanswered Questions?
1. According to eyewitnesses, the car caught fire approximately 5 minutes after the crash. What factors could have led to this?
2. Why were the rear seat passengers unable to get out?
3. The other car involved in the crash, a Honda fit, was travelling at 60km/hr according to the driver and his passenger. The head on collision was at a relatively low speed.
What Can Cause A Car To Catch Fire?
The question of whether the car can withstand a head on collision can be answered by the fact that there have not been any Rolls Royce ,that has crashed and burnt in recent times.
The question of whether Ginimbi was over speeding is unclear. This is because the
 passenger in other car in the head collision, a honda fit, said his car was travelling at about 60km per hour. I estimate that the crash was at a relatively low speed of about 140km/h
Angle of the collision
A witness at the site of the collision revealed that two tyres fell out of the car and went into the yard of a nearby house.
Another witness said the Honda and the Rolls Royce both spun 180 degrees and faced where they were coming from. Is it possible then that Ginimbi”s Rolls Royce hit from the trees from the back instead of from the front?
MY Theory
This is my theory of what caused Ginimbi’s Rolls Royce to catch fire:
Ginimbi overtook the three cars at about 140km/h and crashed into the oncoming Honda Fit. Both cars spun 180 degrees but crashed his Rolls Royce backwards into the trees. The two back wheels fell out and continued travelling before the car crashed causing sparks.
The combination of sparks, heat from the engine and the catalytic converter ignited the leaves on the ground and caused the fire.
What remains is to explain why the back passenger who was alive could not get out. Was she too hurt to stand and if help had arrived earlier would she have made it.
Other factors are that the car could have been poorly maintained and the suspension or wheels had issues, the car had an almost empty petrol tank or had electrical problems.
Unanswered Question by Rolls Royce UK
1. Will Rolls Royce be carrying out any investigation on the car, to determine if there was any tampering with the car’s systems before the accident.
2. Finally, what is the crash test rating of the car of this particular model of the Rolls Royce?
Other Issues
1. The scene was not properly protected by the police and was accessible to members of the public.
2. Was the car regularly serviced given the state of the roads in Zimbabwe
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