Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that a Bulawayo woman accused MDC-T spokesman Khaliphani Phugeni, of Infecting her with HIV in 2018,.

Police sources told Gambakwe Media that the same woman recently made a police report in Bulawayo, on the 23rd of October 2020, a day after the State of the Nation address  accusing Phugeni of rap_ing her in 2018.

The case has sucked in a number of prominet opposition politicians, as the 20 year old woman is the cousin of Abednico Bhebhe and her mother is reported dating former MDC Chairman,  Lovemore Moyo.

2018 Allegations

In June 2018, before the elections, Phugeni reportedly met the mother of the woman on whatsapp and they started chatting.

The mother of the woman was reportedly working with Mr Phugeni on her campaign as a councillor. Mr Phugeni was contesting in the same elections as an MP.

In the same month, the mother of the woman left her daughter at Mr Phugeni ‘s house for sometime and then picked her up.

In July 2018, the mother of the woman, reportedly first made the allegation that Phugeni had infected her daughter with HIV.

However, after Phugeni produced HIV negative results,  the mother and the woman refused to take a test.

Police Report

Police sources told Gambakwe Media that the woman did not make allegations of being infected with HIV in her police report against Phugeni which she made October.

The case is considered to be politically motivated as the mother of the woman attempted to negotiate with Phugeni before the case was taken to the police.

The negotiations reportdely involved both Bhebhe and Moyo and fell apart after Phugeni refused to negotiate.

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