This week, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa spoke on dream states. A highlight of his sermon was when he told the story of a man that he knows, who believes so much is his own dreams.

Prophet Makandiwa says the man told him that when he saw Makandiwa starting his ministry, he prayed to God to show him if what he was doing was genuine. This man says one day God showed him in the dream was something very negative about Makandiwa, things that were not right.

After this dream , this man would invite other people and tell them what he had seen in the dream. According to this man, this showed that God was not in what Makandiwa was doing. So because many people believed in him, they believed in what he was saying about Makandiwa.

Prophet Makandiwa explains why this happened.

Key Points

  1. Dream states are not only about where you are in a dream, but where you are dreaming from. There are many factors that influence your dreams.
  2. You are a spirit within, encapsulated by the flesh. The flesh becomes your housing, you are contained in a flesh.
  3. You are dreaming from the flesh. There are different layers you must go through  in the spirit. You spirit must travel through your soul, through your body and through your environment.
  4. A part of your spirit is pulled towards that location where you are in a dream, its the extension of your spirit to that location. That is why you don’t die when you are dreaming.
  5. You must be able to come back and still remember what you had in that far away from your body.
  6. You have dreams that will start from your soul, or one that can start from your body, or from your environment. Before you reach the conclusion, you can not get a successful interpretation of your dream.
  7. This is why a young boy who is turning into a teenager can have funny dreams that have something to do with his physical development.
  8. Even After God has spoken, men still lacks the ability to perceive.
  9. Our problem is we keep questioning his ability to speak. We keep on wanting him to come up with new platforms to speak.
  10. We have to adjust ourselves to the frequency of God.
  11. Most people, unless they get into a deep state, they can not perceive a dream.
  12. Where are you when you are dreaming? Is it your spirit, soul, body or is the environment influencing your body.
  13. You can never expect to have a precise dream, dreaming that dream from the wrong place.
  14. You can’t expect a pure dream, whilst dreaming from an impure dream.
  15. Lets say you come from Masvingo, sometimes you have a dream seeing yourself in Bulawayo, working in your field, and you find Gold.
  16. And then you wake up and you are wondering, I saw myself working in my field, buy I was in Bulawayo, what was happening?
  17. These are the things that confuse people. Does this mean I have to find another field in Bulawayo, where I will find Gold?
  18. States in dreams are the most confusing thing.
  19. There are moments when you dream that are not meant for you.
  20. You can still have the fulfilment of the dream if you can have access to the codes.
  21. There could be someone in Bulawayo who has a field in Masvingo and in  his field has gold. Before you go to Masvingo, you have to pass through Bulawayo. Because the dream wasn’t meant for you.
  22. Before you start dreaming, you have to migrate, you have to pass to Bulawayo and benefit from a dream that wasn’t meant for you.
  23. You tap into a destiny that wasn’t meant for you, that was meant for someone else.
  24. There are codes, that I can esoteric codes, that are embedded within supernatural occurances.
  25. When a dream comes to you, it is highly coded.
  26. No dream comes already interpreted, there is a hidden code.
  27. The same way God used to speak in parables, he still speaks to us in that way.
  28. The reasons why they put codes into dreams is that some of these dreams go missing, there are times when dreams get lost.
  29. There are many cross lines, where dreams that were meant for someone else get dreamt by someone else.
  30. There are so many dreams that you have dreamt that were not meant for you.
  31. You can dream yourself dreaming and the next day your relative dies. This dream was not meant for you.
  32. But if you have king kingdom keys you can have access to unlocking dreams. Dreams meant for certain individuals meant for other people who are careless with their life.
  33. Having access to a dream doesn’t mean you have the code to the dream.
  34. When you get the ability to unlock hidden things, then your ministry has started.
  35. How do I know God is speaking to me, telling me that this is the wife I must marry.
  36. That can be measured. When you are looking at the girl, what is your main focus? What is being highlighted?
  37. What is attracting you the most?
  38. Is your spirit strong enough to override the l_ust of the flesh?
  39. If you are not stressed, not well fed etc you are dreaming from a state of pain. Focus on improving your environment, because it matters where you dream from.
  40. What kind of stories were you talking about before you went to slept? Becuase you are dreaming from that state.
  41. Sanitise your environment first because that brings the right dreams.
  42. Some dreams, don’t expect them to happen because they are wrong programs
  43. Even in your state of death, you can still hear, depending on who is speaking.
  44. You are hearing many parts of your body.
  45. When you are dreaming from the environment, you are dreaming at the lowest level. Your environment will limit you. But are you powerful enough as a spirit to go beyond that environment?
  46. You can be in a lodge and another person was in the dame bed the previous day who died. The atmosphere there is so tense. You can dream from that environment. Who was in that lodge? There could have been a man in that bed, the previous day, who was cheating.
  47. You can not have a complete interpretation of a dream until you consider all the factors.
  48. The bible is a guideline, you may not find your purpose in the bible.
  49. Prophet Makandiwa explains a dream when he received powers in a dream.
  50. One day he went into an elevator and a man was criticizing him.
  51. However, he did not use the powers.
  52. He learnt how to use love.
  53. The God who speaks to you in the night, you must believe in him in the day. God wants you to create a relationship with him and not with the dream.

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