The father of the late Zimbabwean millionaire, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, says funeral arrangements will become clearer on Tuesday after the post mortem.

Speaking on the relationship he had with Ginimbi, he said he can not recall when he last spent time with his son.

He said he would see Ginimbi passing by and rarely talked to him as sometimes he would be too far away.

On how he was informed of Ginimbi ‘s Death, he said the message of Ginimbi’s accident was given to him after his other son got a call.

He says he immediately knew that Ginimbi would have died in the accident as he was known for speeding .

He said ut of the four children that he had, two have now passed away.

Ginimbi’s brother said he was disappointed to get to the scene of the accident to see people taking photos of the bodies.

He asked police if they did not have anything to cover the scene with and they said they did not have.

Ginimbi’s sister said Ginimbi will be missed as he was helping the community.

She said it is difficult for the family as they lost another sibling in January last year. This was made more difficult by the death of their mother earlier this year.

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