Prophet Shepherd Bushiri offered to pay R400 000 Bail for himself and his wife Mary.

Bushiri and his co-accused were arrested for running unregistered Forex Schemes using the named Undercover Billionaires and Winners Circles.

Bushiri and his wife Mary, Zambian Willa Mudolo and his South African wife Zethu, are being charged together.

The 6 are all Directors of a company called Rising Estate which is not registered as a Financial Services Provider (FSP).

Key Points

Accused Number 1

1. Mudolo attempted to leave South Africa 3 times after he became aware that his arrest was immenent.

2. Mudolo has no valid residency permit in South Africa.

3. Mudolo has a business in South Africa while he was in a visitors visa in South Africa.

4. Mudolo was illegal in South Africa before the lockdown came into effect.

5.He has applied for permanent residency which was misleading.

6. Mudolo owns a property in the United Kingdom.

The Bushiri

7. Accused Number 3 and 4 do not have valid South African Passport. Both Bushiri and his wife have multiple passports.

8. Bushiri has a diplomatic passport and refused to be searched.

9. Bushiri and wife traveled 113/75 in and out if SA since 2017 that is 5 Times a month.

10. He traveled to and from Malawi using different passwords.

11. Bushiri’s wife has a flat in Dubai. She did not hand back any passport.

12. Both Bushiri and wife live in Ndola. She can not provide a fixed address.

13. Bushiri and his Co accused are likely to abscond because South Africa has porous borders.

14. Church members are collecting funds for Bushiri’s bail.

15. Bushiri has paid a witness and they withdrew their case.

16. Bushiri handed himself at 13:30

17. They intented to make money from innocent and unsuspecting South Africans including pensioners.


While the state’s lawyers are leading evidence in a respectful manner, Bushiri’s lawyers had a combative and aggressive demenour.

Accused Statements On Bail

Zethu Mudolo

1. The arrest of Mudolo wife was dramatic. She is just being arrested because she is married to Mudolo. There are no facts linking her to the case.

2. The state is frustrating the case.

3. The pre trial Bail incarceration is too long.

4. She has a 9 months old baby who is breastfeeding, She resigned from Accused number 3 in 2017.

5. She is a signatory, the prosecutors must provide evidence.

6. The state is speculating that she knew that her husband was doing to abscond. She is South African, born in Thembisa and she has nowhere to go.

7. Accused number 2 can report at Morningside police station and can pay up to R30 000 bail.

Prosecution asked to prepare heads of argument. 

The Bushiris

1. There is a Lease agreement for Waterfall property

2 The Midstream property is jointly owned by the Bushiris

3. Bushiri Denied everything

4. Bushiri’s wife Denies Saying she lived in Port Elizabeth.

5. Children are permanent residents of South Africa and are in South Africa.

6. Mary does not own a property in Dubai.

7. Mary ‘s passport will be handed to the police and is with her attorney. She does not have two passports.

8. Bushiri will claim that he has immunity

9. There is no particular person who was defrauded

10. Bushiris are not a flight risk and complied with their bail conditions in 2019.

11. The Allegations are speculations.

12. Other people influenced witnesses and not Bushiri himself.

13. Bushiri is legally in South Africa.

14. Bushiri proposed R200 000 each. Reporting to Midrand.

15. Bushiri already on bail and he is ordered to stay in Gauteng and North West where he visits Sparkling Waters Hotel.

Accused Number 6

Accused 6 owns Cape Town, Port Elizabeth properties with her husband.

Lawyer proposed R50 000 Bail. Reporting to Douglasdale Police Station.

Judgement was reserved and the matter will be heard after the judge has looked at all documents. The judge said she will make her ruling on Monday.


There are two types of Justice in South Africa, one for the rich and one for the poor.