Police in rural  Marara village, Zimbabwe, last week failed to arrest a violent father after he seriously  assaulted his son until he could not stand.

The 12 year old boy, Emmanuel, has been in hospital since the assault. The mother is now afraid to return home due to his father ‘s violent tendencies.

The father has threatened to kill the mother and the police if they come back to the home. She is now spending tye nights at a local market.

Speaking to ZBC News, the mother said her son was beaten with 10 sticks and could not stand up by himself on the next morning.

After seeing the severity of the injuries, the father took away his own passport, that of his wife and her phone and disappeared.

The mother, who needed a police report, asked the police to arrest her for the assault so that Emmanuel could get treatment at the hospital.

The councillor in the area assisted with making the police report as the boy was bleeding heavily.

The father has not assisted with the medical bills and is evading police in the area who are afraid to arrest him due to his well known violent disposition.

When the mother went with police to get their clothes, the police were afraid to enter the homestead and had to wait for him to leave before sneaking in to get the clothes.

Please watch the video above for full details.