Norton legislator, Temba Mliswa, today addressed a press conference in which he alleged that Mnangagwa is now relying on the military for security because he can no longer trust the police and CIO. Mliswa said the CIO and Police, who are under Mnangagwa office, have been infiltrated and compromised.

Mliswa also revealed that most bureacrats in Mnangagwa’s government are not loyal to him and feel that life was better under Mugabe. Mliswa said the only organ of the state that is still standing behind Mnangagwa is the military.

This is the third video recording in which Mliswa has spoken about the vulnerability of Mnangagwa.

In July, Mliswa was recorded while on a phone call with Kuda Tagwirei discussing the arrest of former minister Fortune Chasi.

In August, Mliswa released voicenotes in which he slammed Mnangagwa’s sons for associating with Delish Nguwaya, whom he said wanted to get him arrested.

In today’s press conference, Mliswa made various allegations of corruption against Police commissioner, Godwin Matanga, and asked him to step down.

Key Points From the Press Conference.

Mliswa said:

  1. The ZRP has been prone to leaderships scandals starting during the Chihuri era.
  2. Matanga and Chihuri worked together for a long time. Matanga was never loyal to Mnangagwa.
  3. Matanga was responsible for shredding Chihuri’s documents ( He was the deputy Deputy Commissioner in charge of finance)
  4. Matanga and Hlabiso tried to purchase 80 vehicles from Croco motors without following tender procedures. The vehicles were priced at twice market prices.
  5. Matanga approached Scanlink for Commissioners And Deputy Commissioners vehicles at inflated $43 000
  6. Matanga obtained five residential stands at Sandton working with Felix Munyaradzi
  7. Matanga is an alcoholic and has crashed many vehicles when drunk at night
  8. Matanga is associated with Delish Nguwaya
  9. There is no more Judiciary to talk about
  10. SACO is being used for threatening people and extorting businesses
  11. All people who have been arrested under SACO, its abuse of power.
  12. Matanga must step down, until allegations are cleared
  13. The incident where teargas was discharged in a bus was a message sent to the higher ranks
  14. KM Auctions sold vehicles to the public in 2014 and no money was received by the police
  15. Matanga was involved with a Kombi and the police paid for the repairs
  16. Matanga authorised for the purchase of tear smoke from South Africa which was not received.
  17. Matanga purchased tents for $1.5 Million that was sub standard
  18. Matanga deployed police to Joshua Nkomo housing cooperative without a court order
  19. Mliswa responded to a statement by Delish Nguwaya Police Statement
  20. On Aug 6 2020, travelling  ABP 2323 , Delish went to Harare Remand Prison at 11:30PM. He approached Officer in Charge Chiwaka and was allowed into prison.
  21. Delish Nguwaya is close to Matanga
  22. Nguwaya was arrested by other officers such as Mutamba, Nyakutsikwa, Charumbira
  23. Nguwaya met Felix Munyaradzi, who was denied bail. Nguwaya was a complainant in the matter.
  24. Mliswa has written to the Prosecutor General about the issue.
  25. Mliswa said there is a picture that is said to have been beaten.
  26. Mliswa says Paul Westwood Was in a corrupt relationship with Chihuri
  27. Paul Westwood got Mliswa arrested for over 70 times because he said Mliswa is corrupt
  28. Corruption is worse than sanctions
  29. Mnangagwa is not protecting corrupt people. People are name dropping.
  30. People are taking pictures with Mnangagwa and then name drop
  31. The CIO of Zimbabwe is finished. The police is compromised.
  32. Mnangagwa is now using the army as bodyguards because the other bodies are infiltrated.
  33. They are not vetting people who should be seen with the President.
  34. The people appointed by the President have failed to create their own teams.
  35. Police are trying tarnish Mnangagwa’s image by arresting people like Hopewell and Chief Charumbira’s wife.
  36. Criminals are donating to the Presidency
  37. There was no coup
  38. Mnangagwa will not leave, there will be no coup, there will be no protest
  39. Mliswa will write a letter to Mnangagwa on July Moyo corruption
  40. Mnangagwa did an investigation after Mliswa wrote Him About Mupfumira
  41. Matanga drinks with Nguwaya at Bolero in Newlands.
  42. Mliswa says he is pushing for an inclusive government. A GNU can never happen now.
  43. Democracy has not matured to that extent.

Please click on the document below to read the Full statement

Press Statement - ZRP Corruption


Below is Delish Nguwaya Statement on Themba Mliswa Allegations


Following numerous reports circulated via various platforms and social media, it has become necessary that I take this opportunity to set the record straight regarding the false and malicious allegations levelled against me in the public domain by Honourable Temba P. Mliswa.

It is of great concern that through letters addressed to the Prosecutor General by the MP in question, I have been accused of having paid an accused person, Mr Felix Munyaradzi a visit at Remand Prison whilst in the company of one MrTabani Mpofu, of the Special Anti-Corruption Unit (SACU).

Honourable Temba Mliswa has been on a whirlwind of attacks against my person on several media platforms. He has called me various names including that I am a criminal and that I control state organs. MrMliswa has done this without any shred of evidence to support such unfounded allegations. The following is my position as regards his unlawful denigrations and attacks on my person.

(1) I never visited Mr Munyaradzi, the accused person during the unspecified dates, let alone in the company of the said Mr Tabani Mpofu.

(2) I do not own a “white Toyota vehicle” and a simple search with the Central Vehicle Registry can confirm this fact.
(3) I am not capable of releasing accused persons who are under the lawful custody of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services as I am neither a bail court nor a Prison Warden. I cannot possibly promise to do that which I am not capable of.

4) The accused person referred to in the letters is currently on remand facing allegations of fraud involving numerous stands and numerous complaints. In some of the matters, I am a complainant against Mr Felix Munyaradzi. He is party to lawful proceedings instituted in the High Court of Zimbabwe by various parties and cannot possibly deliver/ return properties from behind the walls of a prison as alleged. I never extorted Mr Munyaradzi.

(5) This smear campaign is motivated by malicious intents that are best known to the Member of Parliament as evidenced by the manner in which the “complaint” is directed to media and not the law enforcement agencies, that is the Zimbabwe Republic Police or the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services who are tasked with maintaining the security and integrity of the Prisons in Zimbabwe.

(6) I do not have a criminal conviction. I am not a criminal. As a matter of fact, I am a decorated businessman and cannot possibly allow Mr Mliswa to continue maligning and soiling my good name.

(7) By this statement, I reserve all my legal rights to defend my name against this mudslinging tirade.



The continuedrevelations by Temba Mliswa show the following:

  1. Mnangagwa is having a difficult time controlling the security cluster.
  2. There are deep tribal divisions in Mnangagwa’s government.
  3. The Military is keeping a close watch over Mnangagwa.
  4. Mnangagwa’s health issues could be worsening.