This weekend,  a number of prominent Zimbabweans aligned to Nelson Chamisa came out to express themselves with regards to the sanctions.

1. Adv Thabani Mpofu.


2.  Adv Fadzayi Mahere

3. Tendai Biti


4. Alex Magaisa

5. Prof Jonathan Moyo

6. David Coltart

7. Team Pachedu


Team Pachedu Says Sanctions Dont Affect Ordinary Zimbabweans


8. Savior Kasukuwere


9. Pettinah Gapa


Various media sources reported that during the inclusive government,  both Morgan Tsvangirai and Tendai Biti tried to have the sanctions removed, but failed.

Chamisa himself re-tweeted the US Embassy ‘s tweet:


The question  then arises whether Chamisa is getting the right advise on sanctions?

View of Sanctions By Chamisa Advisors

  1. Sanctions are not harmin ordinary people
  2. Corruption is the problem
  3. The United States will remove Sanctions when Chamisa gets into Office

Who are Chamisa’s advisors?

Chamisa is advised by well to do academics, lawyers and professionals who do not have to go through the day to day difficulties that many poor Zimbabweans are going through.

Effects of Sanctions on Ordinary Zimbabweans bothers everyone!

Everyone is now agreed that there are sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe. The USA, EU and the UK all came out to clarify the sanctions that they have placed on Zimbabwe.

The EU has clarified the type of sanctions that they have on Zimbabwe:


  1. The USA, UK and EU are concerned about the effect of sanctions on ordinary Zimbabweans.
  2. The polarized positions of Zimbabweans on the issue is making it difficult for the sanctions to be lifted. The US Embassy in Zimbabwe is worried that if they recommend that sanctions should be lifted, they will be accused of letting down democratic forces.
  3. Chamisa is reluctant to address the issue of sanctions in a way that will alienate his academic and professional support base. He is therefore afraid to confront the question of whether the sanctions are targeted.
  4. ZANU-PF has made a strong statement and have convinced Africans that sanctions are the problem and should be removed. The sanctions are no longer making ZANU-PF look bad.
  5. ZANU-PF is now in a stronger position on the issue of sanctions and their effect on the economy and need to bring all stakeholders onto the negotiating table to get the sanctions removed.