Popular Award Winning, International journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, has denied allegations that he is a tribalist.

Chin’ono came under heavy attack on social media after he criticized Sandra Ndebele ‘s dance moves during the ZANU-PF eGala.

In response, Chin’ono wrote on his popular Facebook page:

So I gave an example of the uselessness of the Anti- Sanctions galas by pointing out that Sandra Ndebele tw_erking won’t remove sanctions!

And grown up men call me a tribalist because I mentioned Sandra Ndebele who happens to be Ndebele, and I am not?

This shows how we are literate but not wise, some of our people focus on stupid things and accentuate them whilst missing the elephant in the room.

So someone from your ethnic group should not be mentioned or critiqued even when they are part of a ridiculous exercise that is taking money meant for hospitals!

You are a real fool, a diamond carat fool!!!

Folks spent the whole of last week on this page talking about Jah P’s refusal to mention #ZimbabweansLivesMatter, was that tribal!

We called MisRed, was she Ndebele?

It only becomes tribal when we mention Sandra Ndebele?
What a bunch of idiots we have!

These are the people who devalue the real issues that affect people in Matebeleland!

Daily I write about issues that affect Matebeleland from Gukurahundi to water problems.
Just last week I posted a video of how Bulawayo’s economy has stalled!

And someone thinks mentioning a fact that Sandra Ndebele was tw_erking at ED’s gala is tribalism!
Did she perform at the gala? Was she tw_erking or not?

So I must not mention it because I am not Ndebele?

Rank idiocy and foolishness!