In this episode, Prophet Makandiwa explains his visit to heaven. He said he was taken up and sideways at a speed that can not be explained.

He said he was accompanied by two beings who were explaining the activities that were happening in different heavens.

Key Points

  1. Most people don’t know that we are in heaven. As an example, some Zimbabweans have not been to the most beautiful places in the country. God’s intention was for us to live our best life in this life.
  2. Its the same in the Christian Kingdom, some Christians have not explored the this heaven. Heaven cant wait to get to heaven.
  3. There are seven heavens, but there is another heaven above, that Prophet Makandiwa will need more time to explain.
  4. Prophet Makandiwa was taken to the third heaven.
  5. The influence of the third heaven is the extension of the foundation of the prosperity.
  6. We are living in two dimensions on earth ( Earth dimension and heaven dimension).
  7. If we take you down and we keep taking you down, you die. Oxygen levels go down.
  8. If we take you up and we keep taking you up, you die. Oxygen levels go down.
  9. If you die, you will go to anther dimension where there are also other living beings there. The moment you die, you gain another life.
  10. The earth is the foundation. When you get born again, its no longer a dual foundation.
  11. While you are on the earth, there is a part of yours that is already in the heavens. Your feet are on the earth, Your feet up are in heaven. Therefore you are a heavenly being.
  12. Earth controls everything. If you are a pilot, you have to flight and land on the earth.
  13. Each Heaven you are going into, you get to see the success and power and influence  and resources of the beings above.
  14. The heavenly beings are tangible beings made from the materials of the foundation.
  15. The supernatural happens when  you stop being influenced by the foundation of this earth, but by the foundation of the heaven above – that happens when you are born again.
  16. It is given to another kingdom to control you.
  17. The spirit you begins to control the physical you.
  18. You prosper from above and your life becomes mysterious.
  19. You begin to do things that shows people that you have a contact with those above.
  20. When you speak from above and your words are descending, you want to see results on the earth.
  21. Some of the things you see on the earth do not belong here.
  22. What you are calling wealth on earth, we were given a representation so that we can interact with something closer to the reality.
  23. Each Heaven contains layers of heavens
  24. There is a place above all the heavens, and it has a different name
  25. God is in the seventh Heaven, because he wouldn’t want to have other heavens above him.
  26. Even if there is a rapture, it will only be fore seven years. Then the heaven will have to come down to this heaven.
  27. There is a heavenly kingdom that is waiting to come. Because the success and prosperity within that kingdom is earthly.
  28. God created from above, there were already beings spectating when God created the earth.
  29. Why is God’s heaven the 7th? If he created it first?
  30. If you want to influence the earth, you do it from above.
  31. The same way people on earth are failing to comprehend earth, beings in other dimensions are failing to comprehend the existence of earth.
  32. If you look at Lucifer, he was cast from heaven ( Which Heaven, Which Earth?)
  33. When Lucifer fell, he fell from another heaven into anther heaven, and hit into the foundation of another heaven.