MDC T Spokesman, Khaliphani Phugeni Speaks LIVE on Gambakwe Media on current events in the MDC-T. Please play the video above for the live recording at 8:00 PM:

Topics for discussion include:

  1. Status of Court Case by SG Mwonzora to remove the youth camped at Harvest House
  2. Affidavit by Organizing Secretary Abedinigo Bhebhe
  3. First National executive and National Council meetings on Whatsapp
  4. Is Abednigo Bhebhe still in MDC-T ( Why Did he call Phugeni A Tall Lanky Fellow?)
  5. Allegation 1: Khuphe and Mwonzora Have failed to hold the NEC and the NC
  6. Allegation 2: Khuphe and Mwonzora are using the standing committee to make decisions
  7. Allegation 3: The National Council of 9 May was not properly Constituted
  8. Allegation 4: Khuphe and Mwonzora unconstitutionally Fired 19 Members of the NEC
  9. Allegation 5: Khuphe and Mwonzora Opened book of Accounts
  10. Allegation 6: Mwonzora Unconstitutionally Announced Nomination Dates
  11. Allegation 7 : Mwonzora and Khuphe Are compromised and have created parallel delegate lists


2014 Structures

On the 28th of September 2020, youths led by Harare province Paul Gorekore took over Harvest House and demanded dialogue between the two factions of the MDC. The youths addressed a press conference at Harvest house.



Court Order

MDC Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora went to the Magistrate court and obtained an order for the youths to vacate the building.

This court order was appealed by among others, Nelson Chamisa. At the time, Chamisa indicated that he had appealed the court order because his name was mentioned in the court order.

In a surprised move, the MDC-T Organising secretary, Abdenigo Bhebhe, wrote an affidavit supporting the youths who are occupying the Head Office.

Mass Dismissals

The MDC-T has sent out communication dismissing leaders aligned to Nelson Chamisa from the structures.


Please watch the LIVE Discussion with Mr Khaliphani Phugeni on Gambakwe Media by clicking the video below the heading.