ZANU PF Acting Spokesman, Patrick Chinamasa says the MDC led Chitungwiza council is responsible for the planned housing demolitions and not the government. Chinamasa called upon Housing Minister, July Moyo, to act immediately and institute a commission of enquiry.

Chamisa said the Chitungwiza council went for 5 months without a mayor because procedures for appointing the mayor were challenged.

He revealed that the stands allocation committee was dissolved without any explanation.

After the committee was dissolved, the housing director was left with power to allocate stands willy nilly. This resulted on 880 stands being allocated without following procedures.

The Chitungwiza council allocated over 100 stands in violation of state land laws.

The town clerk was irregularly suspended when he raised the issue and Engineer Duma was appointed as acting Town clerk by the Mayor while he was on bail for corruption.

The people who were irregularly  allocated stands went on to build without plan approval. Several illegal structures have sprouted in Chitungwiza, including a service station.

The disciplinary board for the suspended town clerk was done without following procedures.

The Mayor and acting town clerk appointed a friend to carry out a forensic audit.

Chinamasa said corruption among the MDC councillors is causing the problems in the council and is asking them to resign en masse.  The director of housing and acting Town clerk must also be suspended.

A lifestyle audit must be carried out on the councillors.

ZANU PF calls upon July Moyo to:

– Rescind all Council resolutions

– Institute a commission of enquiry