Mnangagwa this afternoon addressed ZANU PF provincial chairpersons, main wing, women, youths and veterans wings.

He warned the Chairpersons against a new foreign funded Faction of ZANU-PF called the July 31 movement.

Both Mohadi and Chiwenga were present during the address.

Key Points

1. The party resolved to reinstate the DCC structures.

2. The chairpersons should know the constitution.

3. Matemadanda must read article 3 section 1 to 7 of the constitution to know the rights of members and rules and regulations.

4. ZANU PF is subjected to hostile propaganda by detractors internally and externally. This is because ZANU PF is strong.

5. The July 31 movement must be denounced. This is funded externally.

6. There are fake abductions and ZANU PF is now able to track their movements and who they talked to.

7. Foreign Embassies are creating false narratives.

8. NGOs are too many and the mandate of each NGO will be re-examined.

9. Chairman’s must provide information about NGO in their areas so that those that are not doing what they registered to do can be thrown out.

10. The general public is now enthusiastic about supporting ZANU-PF.

11. The youths and women are very active.

12. The war veterans wing must become active.

13. There was abuse of ICT through phantom money that was created in Ecocash $8.5 Billion.

14. Someone was found with $86 Million

15. The excersize is still ongoing and there will be no mercy. People will be taken to court.

16. The auction system has stabilized the foreign currency system.

17. The 2013 constitution says the Zimbabwe government should pay compensation on improvements on land.

18. The negotiation for compensation started at $8 Billion and ended up at 3.5 Billion

19. There is positive response from the UK because the farmers are their citizens.

20. The focus is now on Agriculture, tourism and mining.

21. Command Agriculture is now being run by banks. This is for big farmers.

22. Small scale farmers who have no capacity are being given free inputs.

22. Cotton seed isĀ  being given free.

23.Communal farmers are being given pfumvudza inputs.

24. Government is building dams countrywide.

25. There are new mining programs

26. There is promotion of traditional crops, runinga, which is suited for Manicaland and Mashonaland West

27. The two vice Presidents drive different areas.

Please Watch the video above for more detailsĀ