Former Miss Zimbabwe 2012 and Miss World contestant, Bongani Dhlakama, reportedly attempted to poison her husband, Bongani Ndlovu, after mixing an unknown liquid with his medication.

The Sunday News exclusively reported this weekend that the couple are divorcing at the High Court in Bulawayo. They revealed in court papers that they have been sleeping in separate bedrooms at their Burnside home since July 2019.

Ndlovu, who left his first wife in 2016 to marry Dhlakama, says he wants her out of his house as she also threatened to poison his three children from other mothers.

Dhlakama denied the poisoning allegations and said Ndlovu is a serial womaniser whom she once caught red handed in bed with three women.

Judge Adelaide Mbeure ordered Dhlakama not to physically, verbally or emotionally abuse Ndlovu and not to visit his workplace.

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