Benjani Mwaruwari Has More Money Than Peter Ndlovu

Hot 263 YouTube channel has revealed that Benjani Mwaruwari has more money and investments than the Peter Ndlovu.

The channel revealed that Mwaruwari’s estimated net worth is $11 Million, based on his investments in Scotland, United Kingdom and South Africa.

Benjani is currently assisting with coaching twice a week at his former club, Portsmouth, while working on getting his coaching license.

On the other hand Peter Ndlovu, who has a longer playing career, has an estimated net worth of only $5 Million and is currently Team Manager at Mameodi Sundowns in South Africa.

Ndlovu has invested mostly in Zimbabwe and South Africa. He is in the transport and construction sector in Bulawayo. However, he did not invest much overseas.

Please watch the video above for more details.