A showdown is looming in the MDC-T, and the party os about to be gripped by a lot of uncertainty due to various factors, specifically the extra-ordinary congress.

Factors that will lead to fights between Mwonzora and Khuphe

  1. Douglas Mwonzora is responsible for getting Khuphe back into MDC-T
  2. Khuphe will most likely lose at the extra-ordinary congress. Will she accept to revert to being Mwonzora’s VP?
  3. Khuphe has already appointed herself into key parliamentary and  Senate positions. These are central positions that give her an advantage over Mwonzora.
  4. The two differ on Chamisa. Khuphe wanting to take over totally and Mwonzora wanting negotiations with Chamisa
  5. Khuphe and Mwonora differ on POLAD

2 centres of Power

  • After Congress, if Mwonzora wins, this create 2 centers of power. Mwonzora will be in Parliament while Khupe will be in charge in Parliament and in Senate.
  • Khuphe is likely to continue in POLAD if she loses at the Extraordinary congress.
  • The congress could fail to go on altogether

Congress Processes and Dates

31 Dec – EOC

9 October – National Executive Council

11 October – National Council

Candidates nomantions – 24 October 29 November

Nominations in 15 provinces.

24 Oct 2020 – Mat North

25 Oct –  Bulawayo

31 Oct – Mar South

7 Nov – Midlands South

8 Nov – Mash West

14 Nov – Mash Central

15 Nov – Mash East

21 Nov Harare

22 Nov – Chitungwiza

29 Nov – Masvingo