Dr Ian Ndlovu issued a warning to ZANU-PF leaders in a new prophecy issued on 5 October 2020.

In this prophecy, which he gave as a parable, Dr Ndlovu Issued a warning that war will break out from the east of Zimbabwe, after the arrest of a senior ZANU-PF figure.

In the vision, I was taken to a thick jungle or forest, with many different animals. The animals lived together in relative harmony. Then a dispute arose, when a certain crocodile, which was like an elder in that community became old, and was just about to die. The old crocodile was succeeded by one of the aquatic animals. I saw other animals scatter away to other jungles out of fear.

While all these things were occurring, my attention was drawn to a tired and old elephant, I saw other animals move with speed to this old elephant as if to attack. I saw the old elephant in distress, crying unto God because it felt helpless and exposed.

I saw a discussion going on among senior animals about the fate of the old elephant. One group was for peace and reconciliation. The other group was motivated by fear, and it was for punishment. The discussion continued until those who were for punishment prevailed.

The old elephant was then taken to a cage, confined in a cage for a short season and humiliated. I saw the old elephant weeping and crying unto God, crying for Divine help, until he became sick.

He stopped crying, and just lied in a state of humiliation in the cage.

All of a sudden, from the East of the jungle, I saw a violent storm, that left a trail of destruction. Some animals were wounded and some died.

This is the vision I saw starting a year ago, and it has been recurring.

Please watch the video above for more details.