MDC-T Spokesman, Khaliphani Phugeni Says Nelson Chamisa refused efforts by the Zimbabwe Council of Churches to unite the two MDC factions.

Phugeni said the MDC-T is ready to unite with anyone, even with ZANU PF, if they subscribe to democratic principles.

Phugeni said Chamisa is inciting violence but is never on the ground when the actual acts of violence take place.

He said Zimbabweans should take a principled stand against the politics of violence, because Chamisa and his side can not use it effectively as a tool of mobilization against ZANU PF, which has the army and the police on its side.

The statements by Phugeni follow the announcement by Chamisa that if his faction is not allowed to use the name MDC Alliance in the 5 December By elections, then there will be no elections.

Chamisa also announced that if he wanted, the MDC youths could have easily taken over at Harvest House violently and there is nothing that the MDC-T could do about it.

Phugeni said those statements are incitement, because there is a court order that prevents the MDC Alliance of Chamisa from coming to harvest house.

Please watch the video above for me details.