The daughter of Zambian President,  Tasila Lungu, wedded politician and councillor, Patrick Mwansa, yesterday.

President Lungu wrote on his Facebook wall.

Giving your daughter away is not an easy thing for a father. I woke up with mixed emotions. In my eyes she’s still a little girl, my little girl. Tasila has honoured us, and I was filled with joy as I proudly walked her down the aisle, giving her hand in marriage to Mr. Patrick Mwansa.

May God bless your union


Zambian Opposition Leader and billionaire businessman,  Hakainde Hichilema, congrarulated  the couple and wrote on his Facebook page.

Talisa Lungu

About Tasila

Tasila, who is also a politician and councillor is a philanthropist,  and was filmed last year commissioning a borehole in a village, one of 100 boreholes that she helped to drill.