Vamizi island, a gateway for the rich and famous that was opened by Nelson Mandela in 2006, was this week overun and torched by Mozambique islamic insurgents.

Other lodges in Cabo Delgado, including the Quilalea Island that was once owned by Tokyo Sexwale have now closed.

Vamizi Island

Sexwale was lucky, he sold the Island to another South African, Stella Bettany in 2006 for R70 Million.

Quilalea Lodge

Terrified guests were flown from another nearby island, Situ Island Resort, also managed by South Africans.

Situ Island Resort

The affected lodges were the playgrounds of the rich and famous.

Packages at Azura Quilalea luxury lodge included a 2 for one special for 7 nights with :

All Meals
Local drinks & soft drinks
Wifi in public areas
Use of snorkeling equipment & kayaks
EVAC medical insurance from Pemba
Helicopter transfer from Pemba to Quilalea Island and all this cost $6000 for 2 people in a Kaskazi villa or R 90 000 for 7 days.

A Villa at Quilalea now closed

Please Watch the video above this post for more details.