A former SA Military Intelligence General, Retired Maomel Motau, one of the oganizers of a controversial ANC Cadres summit, which was extended to serving and retired members of the SANDF, says was called outside normal ANC structures because it is not mandated by the ANC.

Retired General Motau said anyone who believes he is a Cadre could attend the meeting and the meeting was not directed at any structure.

General Motau, who was formerly in military military intelligence, said there is no disgruntled persons among the organizers.

He said there is no planning of unseating of a civilian government that can be discussed in a public meeting. He said there is no intention of asking soldiers to do a Coup as only soldiers can do a coup.

Retired General Motau refused to reveal details of the membership of the organizers of the summit. He said the group first met informally and then decided to call a summit of the cadres.

He said they want the ANC to remain the liberation movement. The summit will consider input from different people.

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