The MDC Faction led by Nelson Chamisa today held a 21st Anniversary. In his address, Chamisa warned Mnangagwa that if he is not allowed to use the MDC Alliance name there will be no by elections on 5 December.

However, most MDC Alliance MPs, Senators and councillors boycotted the meeting fearing being recalled by the Khuphe faction.

The 21st celebrations by Chamisa follow a similar event held by the Thokozani Khuphe faction last week.

Present at the meeting was Tendai Biti, Jacob Mafume, Charlton Hwende and Fadzayi Mahere, while Karenyi Kore, Thabitha Khumalo, Welshman Ncube and Job Sikhala were absent.

Chamisa Speech Key points

Below are the key points during Chamisa’s speech.

– He acknowledged the War Veterans

– He thanked the councillors and MPs

– He explained why they celebrated 21 years. He said they are celebrating the journey.

– Tsvangirai did not fail to handle the succession issue.

– Chamisa acknowledged that there were issues before with Biti and Ncube. Chamisa said he can unite with people in the Khupe Faction because they are not genuine.

– Chamisa said he refuses to be swallowed.

– Over 2000 people have died on account of politics since 1999.

– From. 2017, over 100 people have been Abducted, including 17 in 2018.

– Zimbabwe is in a crisis and is a Banana Republic. The crisis in Zimbabwe is the disputed election.

– MDC Alliance is doing enough, there is nothing else that can be done. He says Zimbabweans must provide the critical mass.

– Nothing will happen before solving the legitimacy crisis.

– Mnangagwa should sit down with Chamisa if he wants to solve the legitimacy crisis.

– There must be an independent inquiry on the case of Joanna Mamombe, Cecillia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova.

– The video produced by the government is fake.

– All MPs will come back.

– We will not form a party and we will not reveal our strategy.

– There is a political program that will reverse the banning of the MDC.

– If ZEC does not allow MDC Alliance, there will be no elections. He is drawing the line in the sand.

– Chamisa said if they want to take back harvest house, they will just ask their youth and it will be done.

– Chamisa is consulting as MDC is a big ship.

– Thanked ANC, EFF, Maimane, for Solidarity.

– Zimbabwe is a province of South Africa as it is dependent on South Africa.

– SADC is fed up with Mnangagwa

– Also Mobilizing from Cape to Cairo

– Nothing short of a political settlement will solve the problems in Zimbabwe.

– Chamisa denied that he sent people to train as Militants.

– MDC Alliance now has 4 million supporters and can easily stop everything in Zimbabwe, but there will be no timetable

– Chamisa explained the 5 fights

– Convergence is going to be the focus.

– The walls of Jericho are about to fall.

Solidarity Messages

Solidarity Speeches were delivered by various groups including, ZINASU, ZCTU, Civic Society, ZIPA and Tajamuka.

Vice President, Tendai Biti said ZANU PF is the most fascist party in the world. Biti said their faction is the real MDC..

Biti said the people love Chamisa and nothing that Khuphe takes can change the facts.

Biti thanked the Gwauya, who signed the Mgagao declaration, for supporting Chamisa.

Biti said there is a deep crisis in Zimbabwe. He said there is 95% unemployment and 79%of its people live under the poverty datum line.

Biti slammed Impala Car hire and Chicken Inn for Supporting ED Mnangagwa.

Biti said there is no opposition leader who is safe in Zimbabwe.

He recounted the steps

Biti said as far as 2006, Mwonzora was not in the MDC.

He said Khuphe was not there in the first People ‘s National Working Convention that authorised the formation of the Mdc. He said Khuphe was not there at the first NEC at waterfalls.

Secretary General, Charlton Hwende Hwende said, all MDC Leaders who are coming out of jail have colon cancer. He announced that Joanna Mamombe has been placed in the same cell as mentally ill people.

Hwende said they are putting Mnangagwa on notice. He said people should rather be arrested. Hwende said Chamisa is getting the keys to state house this year. Hwende said the people ‘s government will be in place this year.

Hwende said Zimbabwe Intelligence intimidated the venues they had hired.

Hwende said they have consulted and most districts want to continue using the name MDC Alliance.

Hwende said Chamisa was the most arrested leader in the struggle. Hwende said the 21st celebrations held by Khuphe were a ZANU PF celebration.

Hwende said Manasa Tsvangirai was told by Tsvangirai before he left for South Africa that Chamisa would be the MDC Alliance and MDC-T leader.

Hwende said there are audios. He said Mwonzora could not be President because he steals people’s money. Hwende said Tsvangirai anointed Chamisa and the spirit of Tsvangirai is on Chamisa.

Youth Leader, Ostallos Siziba, said the celebrations mark the end of Military dictatorship. He said very soon young Zimbabweans will be on the streets to bring an end to tyranny.