In a Shocking development, senior South Africa military officers aligned to the ANC have made the first step into the political arena with an ANC ‘Cadres Summit’ that is to be held at Heartfelt Arena, Thaba-Tshwane, today.

The purpose of the summit has been defined as ‘Repositioning the movement’. The summit was widely condemned across the political divide and is seen in some quarters as a Coup plot.

The SANDF Head, General Solly Shoke, said in a statement, that political interference will not be tolerated and said action will be taken against those who participate in political gatherings.

SANDF Spokesman, Siphiwe Dlamini, said the military should be seen to be above politics and warned soldiers not to be involved in party political activities.

Former SANF general, Siphiwe Nyanda, said although officers are allowed to be members of political parties, that has to be done outside the scope of the Defence Forces.

Nyanda said officers can be active in politics, but should do so during their spare time.

Analysts say the constant re assurance of impartiality by the military means that they are responding to something.

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