Savior Kasukuwere turned 50 yesterday (23 September ) and spoke to Zenzele Ndebele in a long ranging zoom interview.

Kasukuwere said the military should not be directly involved in politics but former military officials can become politicians on retirement after rising through the ranks.


– Kasukuwere has a meeting with Mozambique rebel leader Alfonso Dlakama at a secret base in Gorongoza. Their plane failed to take off when they were supposed to leave and he had to sleep at the Renamo base for the whole night.

– Kasukuwe met with General Chiwenga in Mozambique for the first time in Mozambique in 1984. They worked together on disarming Renamo and coming up with a peace deal.

– In 1994 Kasukuwere started a trucking business.

– Border Gezi, Chindori Chininga, Mai Mujuru, James Makamba, Nicholas Goche asked him to join party politics.In 1999 he became Mashonaland West youth Chairman.

– He set up the company Comoil which was then put on the sanctions list and is still on the sanctions list.

– Local banks assisted with funding Comoil especially Nigel Chanakira and Lucious Banda. He declined to say if he was funded with RBZ funds.

– Kasukuwere says he was not involved in violence in Mt Darwin. Not even one person died during that time in that area. He says he was brought to court in 2000 and was acquitted.

–  Kasukuwere said volence is used by all political parties in Zimbabwe, when contenders feel week and seek to use shortcuts.

– Kasukuwere said violence is also done by people who want to please their leaders but it’s not a policy of the ZANU PF.

– Kasukuwere said from 2000, the Zimbabwe military started getting directly involved in politics

– He said it is a problem when the military gets involved in day to day politics.

– Kasukuwere says the 2017 coup happened because the military wanted to be politicians but were not patient to go through the ranks

– The situation in 2017 did not warrant a military intervention

– Kasukuwere says going forward, people should not use guns to get into office

– In 2014, when Mujuru was removed, there were machinations to replace her with Mnangagwa.

– There were lies about Mujuru

– Mugabe wanted a successor to come from a democratic process

– Kasukuwere admitted that he wanted to succeed Mugabe

– After the coup, Kasukuwere says he came back to Zimbabwe after his late mother convinced him to come back and face the charges.

– 23 September 2018 he was Summoned for new charges of Corruption and abuse of Office and faced the charges on which he was acquitted.

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