Two former employees of controversial SA based Zimbabwean prophet, Jay Israel: Victor and Paul have alleged that he left them stranded in Durban after they lived with him for a year.


The two claimed that Jay lied that they stole his studio equipment and claimed that his bodyguards called them to say they must take care of themselves. On contacting Jay Israel, Victor said Jay Israel said he would respond but never did for four days.

After the four days, they decided to take the studio equipment to keep it safe. Victor said they phoned Jay and advised him to come and get his equipment. While they were still negotiating, Victor said the police called them from nowhere saying a case had been opened over the equipment.

He said the police case was opened on 8 September and was withdrawn on the 15th of September. However, Jay published the allegations on the 18th of September


Victor, who was Jay Israel’s chief of protocol, said he wants an apology because there is no police case and they never stole anything from Jay Israel. They said Jay Israel should stop tarnishing the image of popular prophets as he is not clean himself.

Below are some of the Allegations made during the Broadcast:


1. Jay Israel is a big charlatan and is dating Prophet Tinashe Xavier Mutambiri who is wanted by the police
2. Jay Israel ‘s real name is Jacob Dube
3. Jay Israel asked taxi people (Hitman) to hunt them down
4. Jay Israel has two passports with different names
5. Jay Israel has never given them any money even to buy a perfume
6. There are a lot of people who will be coming out
7. Back To Christ started well byut now its a personal agenda,
8. Once, when having a braai, Jay Israel said he did not intend to attack Alph Lukau. The only reason he attacked him was because his sons were attacking him and Lukau was quiet.
9. Jay Israel has 50 registered Sim cards in his name which he bought  at Durban workshop
10. Jay Israel has nothing written in his name
11. Jay Israel came out first
12. One of Jay Israel ‘s bodyguards is sleeping with the sister
13. How did you sister and mother cross the border when there is lockdown
14. When they traveled to Zimbabwe, they crossed without passports
15. Jay Israel had many women at the Durban house and they have photos
16. People that Jay Israel owe money are also going to come out
17. Tinashe is wanted for drunken driving because he evaded the police in 2008
18. Tinashe and Jay Israel are lovers and there is proof
19. Jay Israel ‘Sister stole R15 000 and the police are looking for them
20 Jay Israel brought multiple women to 16 Rich Road Durban
21. Selby was the fixer
22. At one time he has four women together an shad a drinking spree
23. There were bottles of Hennessy and Savanna
24. Ugly Truth is owned by Jay Israel
25. Jay Israel s cleaner always picked condoms from his house and showed them
26. They have videos and pictures
27. Jay Israel is now moving to Johannesburg after destroying the prophets there
28. When he attacked Makandiwa there was tension because everyone knew he was lying
29. Sometimes he comes live to preach when he is high on drugs
30. Victor will sue Jay Israel if he does not apologise