In a shocking development, Job Sikhala spent another night behind bars after the MDC Alliance failed to pay his bail in time due to internal bickering.

The amount that was being argued over was less than $200USD.

Sikhala’s wife had to pay the bail and the MDC leadership only paid back her money afterwards.

The matter heated up on social media this morning with two camps emerging.

There is bad blood between Sikhala and members in the Chamisa camp who believe that Sikhala is reckless and acted as a lone ranger on the 31st July demonstrations.

Toendepi Shonhe , who exposed the failure to pay, was condemned for releasing the information on Facebook and was accused of betraying the struggle by prominent MDC leaders.

On Sunday , Tafadzwa Sambiri revealed to Gambakwe Media that many MDC members take care of themselves due to poor support by the MDC leadership including some who are in jail, widows and orphaned children.