CRISIS: Mnangagwa and Chamisa Did Not Take Over Properly – Shingi Munyeza

Dr Shingi Munyeza, founder at Borrowdale Life Ministries church, says Zimbabwe has a legitimacy crisis in both the ruling party and the opposition.

He said this inability to deal with succession is the real reason why Zimbabwe has failed to move forward.

Dr Munyeza said this Zimbabwe ‘s founder culture has resulted in failed organizations both in politics, religion and business.

Munyeza said in most Zimbabwean Organisations, the founder dies without preparing someone to take over, resulting in factions and squabbles after their death.

Munyeza said in the case of Mnangagwa, he had to take over through a coup and in the case of Chamisa, he had to take over through deception and this is Holding back Zimbabwe.

Dr Munyeza said in his own organization, he has already appointed a Senior Pastor to take over from him after a long period of training and they are working together well.

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