Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that a USA based Zimbabwean businessman is being Investigated by prosecutors over large sums of money sent to Zimbabwe.

The businessman has now made accusations that a woman who is closely linked to Zimbabwe government officials poisoned him in Johannesburg.

He says his hair is falling out, his bones are melting and he thinks he is going to die.

The man, whose father is a high ranking member of the MDC Alliance, is also being threatened with exposure by at least 5 women who have in their possession close to 70 pictures of him totally undressed.

The man said in 2019 he travelled to Zimbabwe for a month. He says on his way back to the USA, he spent the night in a Joburg hotel with a marriedĀ  Zimbabwean woman. He is accusing this woman of injecting him with a poisonous substance when he was asleep.

The businessman said the woman is a sister of one of the wives of the late Morgan Tsvangirai and is highly connected to military and intelligence figures, that include the late Perence Shiri.

The businessman is making the claim that ‘Mnangagwa Assassins’ posioned him because he supported Chamisa ‘s party.

The story has also taken a new twist after a prominent doctor lost over $80 000 in failed Forex trades involving the businessman.

Gambakwe Media has talked to multiple involved parties and believes that the pictures of the businessman will soon be leaked on social media.

The businessman is also being Investigated for sending money to many different parties including people considered dangerous and criminal by the US government.

The story also threatens to in two major cellphone companies and various high ranking government officials.

A well known political activist from Zimbabwe was also sucked into the issue after trying to negotiate with the first woman who had the pictures.

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