Media reports have emerged on the ressurection of a dead child by Prophet Passion Java.

The incident which was narrated by one of his Pastors,  reportedly happened in Tanzania.

Here is what the Pastor said :

We were sitting with Prophet Java at around 2am.

Suddenly, the prophet said to me, son, take my keys and let us go somewhere.

We got to a certain place and entered the house. The wife told us that their child had died 30 minutes before. They were just waiting for the car to come and pick up the body.

Prophet Java told the family that he was going to pray for the child and he would be raised. The husband did not want the prophet to even attempt the resurrection and wanted to fight us.

However, the wife convinced the husband to let him pray for the child.

After 3 minutes of prayer, the child cried and he was well again.

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