Themba Mliswa has recorded another explosive voicenote audio slamming Mnangagwa ‘s sons Collins and Sean over their attempts to get him arrested.

An angry Mliswa warns the two over their attempts to influence Police commissioner Matanga to get him arrested and reminds them that he is their blood relative (uncle).

Mliswa revealed that he had to call ED Mnangagwa to stop Matanga from arresting him.

He claimed that Delish Nguwaya, the friend of Sean and Collins, is a double agent who is working for G40 elements and who is plotting with G40 to get Mnangagwa killed.

Mliswa warned the two that they have crossed the line. He claimed Delish Nguwaya has infiltrated the first family because of the corrupt relationship.

Mliswa accused the Mnangagwa sons of going to the police to get a warrant of arrest to get him arrested and warned them that he would cut them off for good because of their actions.

Mliswa said the two may be trained in the military but should know that he too can hit back.