New Harare Mayor, Councilor Jacob Mafume, says the MDC Alliance used the Supreme Court Judgement to outsmart Thokozani Khuphe and Douglas Mwonzora during the Harare Mayoral elections.

He said his win shows that the majority of councillors support Chamisa.

Mafume said his win by 19 votes over his opponent ‘s 14 votes was because some councillors were threatened with recalls if they voted for him.

Mafume said Zimbabweans are too obsessed with unanimity and are not familiar with governing through coalitions.

Mafume said he knows which councillors that voted against him and believe that even those who voted against him are loyal to Chamisa.


Mafume said Harare has serious challenges that need to be solved. He said after the short term issues of refuse collection, street lighting and road repairs , there are many challenges that need immediate attention.

However, he said because of the Coronavirus pandemic , 2020 has been cancelled and most plans will be moved to 2021.


He said the biggest problem in Harare is the water crisis. He said Lake Chivero is the waste dumping area and also a water source. This requires more chemicals to purify the water for it to be safe for drinking.

Mafume said solving the water crisis is therefore the top priority of his council.


Mafume said there is a lot of revenue leakages in Harare. His council will be introducing smart metering to deal with the issue of revenue leakages.

He also said there are no municipal bonds from central government. He will therefore be engaging government on this issue of infrastructure funding.

Relationship with Government

Mafume said it is problematic that there is no executive mayor for Harare.

He said an Executive Mayor would be able to set his objectives and be measured on his deliverables.

A city like Harare which has multiple departments, can not be run effectively by a ceremonial mayor, he said.