PROPHECY : Civil War To Break Out In November – Ruvimbo Makombe

In her latest prophecy, Ruvimbo Makombe (25), says God is giving a warning to Zimbabweans.

Ruvimbo says God wants Zimbabweans to know beforehand, but not to have the spirit of fear.

Ruvimbo said God repeats a message for purposes of confirmation.

Ruvimbo said God revealed to her in June, the devil’s manual, chapters 8 and 9.

She  says she saw a vision in which she was taken outside and everything had burnt down.

Ruvimbo says God told her there will be a civil war in November and gave her the date but told her not to tell the exact date.

Signs before civil war

– There will be a surge in Protests against censorship of the electronic media

– Lots of friction in the church

– Evil will operate in plain sight

This war will be defeated by love.

– A disruption if the largest churches will occur