Khuphe’s Uncle And His Wife killed in Gruesome Plumtree Murder

MDC-T Acting President, Thokozani Khupe yesterday travelled to Mangwe where she joined hundreds of mouners at the funeral of her uncle, Nicholas Nleya (83) and Margaret Nleya (78).

Khuphe, who gave a short speech at the burial, spoke about the close relationship that she had with her late uncle. Khuphe spoke about how shocking and unbelievable the murder of the two is and encouraged members of the family to be strong.

The Nleya are survived by 10 children and over 20 grandchildren.

Circumstances Surrounding the Murder

The Nleyas were killed by robbers who pounced at their home around 10pm, The robbers were demanding money from the elderly couple who were sleeping in one of the houses at the homestead.

After killing the two, the robbers proceeded to cut them into pieces and burnt them.


Police are still investigating the murders, however no one has been arrested.


Security is becoming an issue, especially in rural areas. Due to the coronavirus, a lot of violent criminals who were released from South African jails are now back in Zimbabwe.