The Bulawayo City Council has launched pre-sold serviced low density stands which come with water and surfaced roads. The project started in June 2019 and involved installing water, sewer and road networks. There are 77 stands in the project.

The mayor of Bulawayo said he commends the partnership with contractors and various suppliers for successfully delivering the project.

The mayor said the city is pleased Selbourne Park project has been finalised, but others have granted to a halt because of the forex rates which are not viable and shortage of materials.

He said the BCC is making an effort to complete the project and hand over the stands to the beneficiaries.

Bulawayo has a housing backlog of approximately 126 000. Beneficiaries are now expected to start building and only those who have paid  at least $1000 after paying the deposit of $12 000. An agreement of sale document will be prepared with the beneficiaries once the documents have been presented.

Once the Agreement of sale has been done, the beneficiary is to go to the land survey department to be shown their pegs. Once they are shown their pegs, they then do a building plans. After approval of the plan, the building can then commence.

The beneficiaries have 18 months in which to pay their balances.

One person died during the project during the lifting operation.