The US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols, has called for SADC to assist Zimbabwe Kickstart inclusive dialogue.

Speaking to eNCA yesterday, Ambassador Nichols said there are a tremendous number of  challenges in Zimbabwe that need to be resolved.

Ambassador Nichols said there are three specific areas that need to be addressed in Zimbabwe:

  • Promoting national dialogue and an inclusive approach to dealing with Zimbabwe’s challenges
  • The economic crisis which has seen inflation reaching over 800% while incomes have not caught up. This has resulted in over 60% of Zimbabweans needing food aid.
  • Zimbabwe is facing yet another drought

Ambassador Nichols said SADC needs to play a critical role in helping Zimbabwe to address these issues.


when asked what interest the US has in Zimbabwe, following accusations of interference by ZANU-PF, Nichols said the US has a deep and long standing commitment to the welfare of ordinary Zimbabweans.

Nichols said the US has provided over USD3.2 Billion in aid to Zimbabwe since 1980. In 2019, Ambassador Nichols said the US provided over $319 Million in assistance to Zimbabwe and is on track to provide the same amount in 2020.

Ambassador Nichols said the US wants Zimbabwe to succeed and become prosperous and democratic nation.