Jonathan Moyo Says SA Delegation Not A Solution For Zimbabwe Crisis

Chamisa won the 2018 Elections - Jonathan Moyo

This week, exiled former information Minister, Prof Jonathan Moyo gave a 2 hour long lecture on the crisis in Zimbabwe.

Prof Moyo says Zimbabwe is in a economic and political crisis since 1980.

Moyo defined a crisis as a lack of a consensus. He said the crisis in Zimbabwe has never been acknowledged by those in power.

There has been two major attempts to address the crisis, in 1987 through the unity accord and again in 2009 during the unity government, but both of these attempts have not been successful because there are some unresolved questions.

Quick Fixes

Moyo says there is a danger of trying to look for a quick fix such as the South African delegation and POLAD or an NTA, which are not the real solutions.

Moyo said looking forward to 2023 before fixing 2018 is a mistake because the same problems that happened in 2018 will happen again in 2023.

6 Unresolved questions

Moyo said Zimbabwe is in crisis because of the following 6 unresolved questions:

1. The National question – Zimbabwe had a false start through Gukurahundi
2. The economic question – There are no methods of generating wealth
3. The equity question
4. The law and order question
5. The sovereignty question
6. The consent question – Votes have been stolen

Nature of the South Africa Delegation

The South African delegation is coming to Zimbabwe because the crisis in ZImbabwe is now spilling into South Africa. They are likely to impose a solution on Zimbabwe which will be some form of GNU. Moyo argues that this is not a lasting solution.

G40 Does Not exist

Jonathan Moyo said there is no political formation called G40. Zimbabweans like to label anyone


Moyo said Mnangagwa is not in power due to the consent of the voter. Nelson Chamisa won the 2018 elections and the voter needs to defend their vote.