Zimbabwe People ‘s Party Communications Director, Jaison Midzi has slammed ED Mnangagwa for his announcement that land will be given back to former white commercial farmers.

Midzi said the move is a slap across the face of the 30 000 Zimbabweans that dies during the war of liberation.

Midzi said ZPP last week wrote to Mnangagwa and foreign Embassies in Zimbabwe advising them against the move.

Midzi said ZANU PF has eased to be the party that represents the war of liberation and should be punished heavily in the next elections.

Midzi said Mnangagwa is mistaken if he thinks the west will forgive him. He said once western countries turn against someone, they do not turn back and will only come back to ensure that Zimbabwe will never have a successful Agriculture sector again.

Midzi said Mnangagwa is likely to escape the consequences of his mice