The fall out from the compensation of former Zimbabwe white farmers continued today with angry war veterans openly rebelling against Mnangagwa and General Constantino Chiwenga.

Mnangagwa ‘s move to give back land to former commercial farmers has been condemned across the board as a betrayal of the gains of the liberation struggle.

A voice note has surfaced where war veterans are openly calling Mnangagwa a sell out, a Jonny Come Lately and a disgrace and an incompetent leader.

A woman can be heard in one of the voice notes saying Mnangagwa is ruling by fear after the 1st August Shootings.

The woman blames General Chiwenga for taking back Mnangagwa after he was fired by Mugabe and she says everyone in ZANU PF structures is now suffering because of Mnangagwa ‘s leadership style.

Although Mthuli Ncube, who signed the agreements, is seen as the originator of the agreements with the white farmers, war veterans say that is not the correct position and blame Mnangagwa who they say is actually using Mthuli Ncube.

War Veterans believe that this is the final straw and are mobilizing a final stand against Mnangagwa and Chiwenga.