Ramaphosa Must Make A Decision On Zimbabwe Interim Government – Mmusi Maimane.

Former Democratic Alliance (DA) of South Africa Leader Mmusi Maimane says Cyril Ramaphosa sent a partisan envoy to Zimbabwe hence it ditched a meeting with Chamisa to solve the humanitarian crisis.

Speaking to SABC, Maimane said the only way Zimbabweans can move forward is when there is a genuine dialogue involving the opposition and the ruling party.

Maimane said Ramaphosa should make a decision about the interim government to be set up in Zimbabwe until the next election in 2023.

He said the challenge in Zimbabwe will fast affect the region hence Ramaphosa must be quick to take stronger action with members of the region willing to intervene.

He added that South Africa has got resources invested in Zimbabwe thus they have to make sure that hospital care is still maintained, educational facilities open because what began as a a political problem is progressing to being a health situation and a economic problem.

Maimane said Mnangagwa’s iron fist rule is proving to be a form of dictatorship suppressing the rights of citizens in Zimbabwe.

The former DA leader said the relationship between liberation movements should not be that of trumping constitutionality in both Zimbabwe and South Africa.