Reinstated Movement for Democratic Change Tsvangirai secretary general Douglas Mwonzora says anyone who is arrested must be delt with fairly in accordance with the law thus being denied basic rights while in prison is totally unacceptable.

Mwonzora said the detention of Hopewell Chinono is uncalled for, he must be treated with dignity in accordance with the law.

Mwonzora said one can be denied bail in Zimbabwe on three grounds, one will commit similar offenses, one is likely to abscond and thirdly that one will interfere with witnesses.

Mwonzora said it is totally unacceptable that one has to be arrested for voicing against corruption in the government thus Chinono deserve justice.

Speaking on the internal leadership battles within MDC, Mwonzora said his party wants the union of the opposition, takeover the government peacefully through democratic and constitutional means in order to govern differently and change the lives of Zimbabweans for the better.

Mwonzora said there are legal battles in the opposition as Nelson Chamisa is refusing to follow a decision of the supreme court of Zimbabwe.

He added that the extra ordinary congress should be held which will help put the leadership question behind everyone and prepare for the 2023 election.