Mnangagwa Must Create Office Of Leader Of The Opposition – Magaisa

UK based law expert Dr Alex Magaisa says Mnangagwasshould create the leader of the opposition role as it is good and removes the weakness of Zimbabwean politics which is a zero sum game.

However,  Magaisa said it is disgraceful that Dr Thokozani Khuphe who lost dismally in the 2018 elections is after parliamentary seats from a party that defeated her.

Magaisa said: “The loser is making her way back to Parliament on the back of a party that she lost to in the election,” he said.

As a presidential candidate in the 2018 harmonised elections, Khupe got more than 45 000 votes.

Magaisa said the members who had in fact campaigned against the MDC Alliance at the last election and lost, “are now ready to take those seats. And they will claim the title “Honourable”. These things only happen in Banana Republics.

Magaisa said MDC A should have sent petitions to ZEC objecting to the recalling of its MPs.

“The Electoral Law allows objections to be submitted within 14 days. This period started running from 21 August 2020. I don’t know if the MDC Alliance has sent objections or mobilised its members to do so.

Magaisa said ZEC is institutionally biased so there is little hope but someone should register their objections, for the record.

The main opposition party should organize itself more constructively and be able to take pro-active positions as opposed to appearing to the court unawares all the time.

Magaisa said the recalled MPs have the rights to a fair hearing in court as per section 68 of the constitution to object on their recalling before parliamentary seats are re-filled.

“The party which submitted the party lists is the MDC Alliance. How ZEC allows a party (MDC-T) that did not submit the party-list in the first place is nonsensical. But it’s all choreographed stuff.

Magaisa said it is a disgrace that the political finance funds meant for MDC A had to be given to Khupe, thus the legal system in Zimbabwe is captured.

Magaisa said methods of engagement have to change Nelson Chamisa and his party jave to change.