MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, was forced to end an interview that he was giving to the media as Riot Police were advancing towards him.

Chamisa was saying things are not normal in Zimbabwe, it is ridiculous that in a free country people are being denied bail for allegedly uttering statements likely to incite violence and expose corruption.

Addressing the media outside Harare Magistrates court where he was in solidarity with his party’s deputy chairperson Job Wiwa Sikhala’s remand hearing, Chamisa said Zimbabweans are under siege by the draconian government.

“Things are not normal, Zimbabweans are under siege, the situation is deteriorating, the political situation is a crisis.

You can’t say there is no crisis in Zimbabwe when leaders of the opposition, journalists, lawyers are being terrorised, intimidated”, said Chamisa.

Job Sikhala has been placed on remand after his bid to have incitement of violence charges quashed failed.

Magistrate Lanzini Ncube said: “There’s no doubt that the words depict a violent, combative person inciting others to go to war.”

Sikhala’s bail application proceedings will begin tomorrow the 26th of August.