Movement for Democratic Change Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa says his party will continue engaging SADC and the African Union to intervene in Zimbabwe’s humanitarian crisis.

Speaking to SABC, Chamisa said: “We have done our bid from an advocacy point of view to cause our issue to be shared and our perspective to be articulated”.

Chamisa said SADC has failed to give due attention to the national crisis in Zimbabwe which is a crisis of legitimacy emanating from the 2018 elections however he will continue knocking on its doors for intervention.

Chamisa said he is dissappointed in Ramaphosa’s envoy which made them wait the whole day only to tell them in the evening that they had left for South Africa which proves that Mnangagwa was not happy to have other stakeholders voicing their concerns.

The Alliance leader said national dialogue involving all stakeholders is the only hope left to move the country forward.

Speaking on the abuse of citizens by state security agents, Chamisa said there have been numerous cases of abductions arrest of people on account of belonging to the opposition and being serious critiques of the government.

Chamisa said instead of Mnangagwa’s regime going after corrupt individuals being exposed by journalists like Hopewell Chin’ono, the government is persecuting those who are innocent for crimes they did not commit.

Chamisa said the crisis in Zimbabwe is not what the people who partook in the liberation struggle fought for.

He said It is the fundamental role of the church as conscious guardians to speak against evil thus the Roman Catholic Bishops should get answers from the government.

Chamisa said a national consensus has to be reached with all stakeholders in the country.

He added that Mnangagwa cannot have international engagement without national engagement.