Kuda Musasiwa to Intensify his Philanthropic Work

Social media personality and entrepreneur Kuda Musasiwa says he is looking forward to formalise his drive to raise funds for underprivileged students failing to secure finances for university.

Speaking to Trevor Ncube, Kuda said he was inspired by his parents, who believed in giving more than receiving, to do his philanthropic work hence he generates most of the money from his huge following on social media.

Through the #freshfutures, Kuda said he has managed to help 25 students fulfill their dreams through paying their university fees and accommodation and acting as their guardians.

Musasiwa said he is looking forward to formalising his initiative with a number of people who have been assisting in setting up the trust.

Musasiwa contibuted immensely to the GofundMe for the Itai Dzamara’s medical funds.

Speaking on the success of his business, Kuda said there are huge barriers in starting a business in Zimbabwe, trying to get your paperwork is a hustle however one should not give up until everything is in accordance with the plan.

Kuda said he started his business without capital however the people he delivered his goods to trusted him enough to give him their money before deliveries.

He said it is hard to get funding to start a business however one can market his product very well and advertise online where there is a huge following.

Musasiwa said the fear of hunger has been a driving force in him excelling in his business

Anyone who can offer the best services in the country right now has an opportunity to succeed.