ZAPU to Meet South Africa’s ANC over Zimbabwe’s Crisis- Fortune Msebele

ZAPU’s Deputy Secretary for International Relations, Future Msebele has requested meetings with the ANC, SACP and Umkhonto wesizwe to discuss the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe.

In an interview with eNCA on Wednesday, Msebele said he is looking forward to an inclusive government whereby all parties are called to the table to discuss the national crisis in the country.

He said Ramaphosa has to know that quiet diplomacy and sunshine polices do not work in Zimbabwe instead they need to take a better stance than that and voice out the concerns of the people

Msebele said the meeting between Emmerson Mnangagwa and South Africa’s special envoy has left many people questioning the credibility of the envoy.

He said the enjoy should not take instructions from Mnangagwa instead it should take instructions from South Africa, SADC and the AU.

Msebele said South has to include every one in the discussions not limit the stakeholders only to ZANU PF, it should also stay away from the ruling party factional fights developing.